Prudential Medical Card

Why Prudential Medical Plan is one of the best insurance you gotta look into?

If you have no idea why prudential medical card has the best benefits and features that you need, this is the right article for you.

Numbers of Malaysian without Medical Insurance

Have you ever thought that how many people in Malaysia are living without insurance, without medical card? If you are one of them, maybe you need a free consultation from us and see how if a medical card could help you. Call us at 012-3907703 or WhatsApp.

Understand what is medical card

Medical is one of the industry that the cost gone up tremendously. An insurance medical card helps individual to cover almost all of their hospitalization expenses, especially operation costs and post-hospitalization follow up. Given by the benefits of medical card, the individual maybe not required to pay a single cent for their medical treatment.

Somehow the insured will be covered under the insurance in a long term basis. In other words, as long as you are still within the age limit as stated in the policy, your medical cost are covered.

2 types of medical card

1. Standalone

Standalone medical card known as term insurance, in which the renewal of the policy is subject to approval. The insurer will evaluate the person insured from many perspective, then decide whether approve his/her insurance renewal. For term insurance, the premium will increase every year as our health condition is considered as getting degenerated every year.

Standalone medical card is getting less popular as there more better options in the market. However, there are some special case in which the insured is only eligible term insurance. For instance, insured with some medical history caused the risk to be higher than normal person.

2. Comprehensive

Lots of policyholder taking this type of insurance which called as investment-linked policy. It usually covers till the age of 60 or now even up to 100 year old. Given by the term itself, investment-linked policy is a guaranteed renewable policy, which it does not require the renewal by yearly basis.

In addition, one of the greatest features I like from prudential investment-linked insurance is the premium stays the same until the stated age in the policy. Price would not simply increases but the increases would most probably be tax related implementation only.

So as the name itself, it comes with investment feature whereby a certain amount of cash will be given if you surrender from the policy. For investment-linked insurance, part of your premium goes to medical coverage, another part goes to investment fund.

In terms of late payment, investment-linked plan would not get you into termination issue. As you have an investment feature covered in your plan, if you are too busy for making payment, the plan will help you pay instead.

Seems like investment-linked got plenty of benefits more, compare to term insurance. Again, it depends on which one fit your needs. If you don’t know, let the professional one do you a favour.

4 Major Prudential Medical Plan

To ease your reading time, I will summarize the card details so that you can have a quick understanding. If you have any queries about the medical coverage or other details, you may contact me.

1. PRUValue Med
Best Of: No annual & lifetime limit, Med saver, high deductible options
Issue Age: 1-70 Year Old
Coverage Term: up to 100 Year Old
Hospital Room & Board: From RM100 – RM600 Per Day
Outpatient Treatment: 60 Pre, 90 Post & 180 Home nursing care
Med Saver Deductible: Contact us for detail
Med Value Point: 1 million, 1.5 million or 2 million

2. PRUMillion Med
Best of: High annual limit and no lifetime limit, Med saver 300
Type: Investment linked medical plan
Plan: RM200 – RM500
Hospital Room & Board: From RM200 – RM500
Outpatient Physiotheraphy Treatment: RM6000 – RM14,000
Outpatient Dengue Fever Treatment Benefits: RM2000 – RM5000

3. PRUHealth
Best of: Yearly bonus (if no claim is made)
Claim Benefits: RM100 – RM700
Hospital & Surgical Benefits: RM100 – RM500

4. PRUSenior Med
Death Benefit – RM5,000
Room & Board – RM 200
Minimum Co-insurance Amount – RM3,000 (Plan 1) or RM6,000 (Plan 2)
Lifetime Limit – RM 225k

Frequent Ask Question:

What if my admission to hospital that’s not under Prudential’s panel?
You would need to pay all the treatment fees first, then make the claim through reimbursement. Subject to T&C.

Does the Hospital Alliance Service (HAS) ready for anytime?
Yes, it is 24/7 operation inclusive of public holiday as well.

Is deposit required upon admission?
It subjects to the hospital admission T&C. Some may request a minimum amount for non-medical expenses or excessive charges which is not payable by prudential. For example, Co-insurance/deductible, admission fees, room & board surplus and etc.

What happen if I did not carry my medical card upon admission? Am I still able to get Pre-authorization letter?
In the case of medical card is not present, you can provide your myKad (IC) or passport to the hospital. The hospital representative will inform Prudential and obtain your insurance profile by going through some tele-verification.

Is HAS available even in oversea countries?
Not really. It only applicable in Malaysia. Nevertheless, the insurance coverage is international ones.

Can I request an upgrade for my Room & Board?
Yes, you are welcome to do so. If the room & board price is beyond your coverage limit, you would need to pay for the excessive amount.

What should I take note of on the day of my admission?

  1. Bring along your myKad (IC) upon admission for verification process. If possible, bring along your prudential medical card as well.
  2. Deposit may be required for non-medical related items which subjects to the hospital T&C. Co-insurance or Med Saver are necessary which subjects to your policy.
  3. Bring your own attire such as slipper, towels, or health supplements to avoid additional charges to your bills. However, slipper and towels are provided in some private hospitals.
  4. Bring as lesser cash or valuable items such as diamond ring, laptop or others to prevent loss or damage.
  5. Be prepared for an hour or even more waiting time upon the admission. As the hospital needs some time to process your admission.

What should I consider prior my admission?

Here’s some little tips of 4 things to know before using your Prudential Medical Card. By reading through it would help you to decide whether to go for admission.

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